Sleep Sanctuary Consultation

The Importance Of Sleeping Without Radiation

We sleep one-third of our lives. During that time it is critical for the body to be in the most toxin-free environment so that it can rest and repair.

However, Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, one form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), takes away from the body’s ability to rest and repair because it damages cells and stresses the body, brain, and nervous system. (If you are unfamiliar with EMR a.k.a. EMF, please read my EMR page here.)

Understanding and accepting that technology like Wi-Fi and cell phones emit RF radiation is an important step in creating a healthier sleep environment. The next logical step is identifying and eliminating or reducing the radiation in the bedroom where we sleep, rest, and recover.

Three simple, cost-free ways to begin creating a sleep sanctuary are:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi routers at night.
  2. Remove wireless devices like cell phones and tablets from the bedroom.
  3. Relocate or unplug electronic devices plugged in less than 2 feet from the bed.

However, even with those basic changes, sometimes it is not possible to eliminate all of the radiation in a bedroom. Especially if the radiation is coming from outside sources such as cell towers or neighbor’s Wi-Fi. In those cases, shielding may be necessary. Hiring someone with experience using RF meters and shielding can make this process easier, faster, and safer.

Example RF Shielding Canopy, Grounded Mat Under Mattress, & Portable Wood Frame

Hindsight Is 20/20

When I first learned about the cell tower being placed next to my apartment it took me several years before I hired an EMR consultant. Spending over half a grand to bring in someone to measure this invisible toxin seemed outrageous. Plus I was naively confident that the government had laws to protect me from the cell towers being too powerful or damaging.

Not hiring an expert the day I received the cell tower notice actually cost much more in the long run. A few years after the cell tower was placed, several neighbors passed away from cancer, the very tall trees between my building and the cell tower antennas starting dying, and my health began to falter. I eventually hired an expert and learned that the RF radiation levels in my home from the cell tower were extremely high (55,000 μW/m2). For reference, the consultant said the RF was the highest she had ever measured in any Bay Area home.

Thinking nothing could be worse than the cell towers, I moved out of that home only to learn that many homes have additional radiation problems from electrical wiring errors  — including older homes with knob&tube wiring, incorrectly wired renovations, and even new modern condos. In my case, this is when my tolerance level for all EMR collapsed.

While prevention is important for everyone, it is imperative for those with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) a.k.a. radiation sickness symptoms. These symptoms vary depending on each person’s body’s weak points. Common symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, spinal pain, autoimmune disease and even cancer. For those suffering from similar conditions, getting a proper check-up and education for homes  with an experienced professional AND purchasing every day EMR meters should be a priority. Especially since there is still no cure or proven treatment and very few people claim to be “healed”.

Scheduling A Sleep Sanctuary Consultation

After several years of working with EMR/EMF Electricians and specialists, certified Building Biologists, and hours of research and shielding trials, I am now sharing what I have learned to help others. What sets me apart is my ability to feel different EMR exposures and to sense if the recommended shielding actually alleviates or worsens the problem, as opposed to just a theoretical understanding.

My goal is to help in an efficient, cost-effective way without creating too big of a financial hurdle. Phone consults at affordable rates and at a sliding scale for EHS clients.

If you live in San Francisco and would like help transforming your bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary, you can contact me directly for a 1 hour site visit. The visit includes:

  • A brief EMR overview
  • RF measurements for 1 to 2 bedrooms
  • RF shielding recommendations based on measurements
  • Additional tips on reducing EMR, artificial light, and other toxins
  • Drive time

A follow-up site visit is only recommended if RF shielding options are procured and  implemented as it is important to re-measure the RF and EF to make sure there are no new problems created (i.e. RF reflections). For more complicated electrical situations, referrals will be provided.


One of the most satisfying experiences for me is when clients tell me that their headaches and fatigue have gone away, they are sleeping better, and they are feeling better:

” I strongly recommend hiring Lisa and refer many of my patients to her. Lisa measured the radiation in my master bedroom and guest bedroom.  She identified sources that were coming from my devices and from a cell tower and smart meter bank outside of my home. Lisa showed me on her meter the levels of radiation in the red where I sleep and in the yellow where my guests sleep. I already knew I slept better in a RF canopy and decided that a cotton square canopy was the best choice for me. I was also glad Lisa could show me with the meter why I needed a floor mat as well.” Angie

“We asked Lisa to come to our home to assess for EMF issues because of health concerns. We wanted to make our home as toxin-free as possible. Based on her measurements our bedroom needed just some electrical wire shielding under the house (and no canopy)! She also recommended shutting off the power to our room for a completely electrical-free zone, if we desired that. She measured our son’s room as well and found that our neighbor’s Smart Meter was emitting significant radiation into his room. She suggested talking to our neighbor and offering to purchase a Smart Meter shield to reduce their emissions.

We loved working with Lisa! She’s knowledgeable and passionate about helping create a cozy safe home.” K&J