Below are some of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) products I personally use or recommend to clients, including Radio Frequency (RF), Magnetic Field (MF),  Electric Field (EF), “Dirty Electricity” (EMI) meters, and RF shielding canopies.

I have spent hundreds of hours shielding all 4 types of EMR and share some of my personal notes below to help you wade through the numerous products — many that do not all work as expected.

What makes my recommendations unique is that I have a strong sense of what feels better or worse, in addition to meter testing and input from others experienced with shielding.

If you would like to purchase a product listed on this page and have questions, I provide a complimentary 10 minute consultation via email or possibly phone. You are not obligated to purchase anything, but if you do purchase an EMF product, agreeing to go through my affiliate account or using my 5% discount promo code from SLT helps cover some of the cost of my time.

1.Radio Frequency (RF) Products
Acoustimeter – I use this meter every day. It’s larger than the meter below, but I prefer to be able to read the numbers, see the lights, and hear the sounds. Also available at Lessemf





Acousticom2– this meter is more affordable than the meter above, however, it does not have a LCD display so you can only see the lights and hear the sounds. Because of its size, it is much easier to carry around when outside of the home. Also available at Lessemf





HF38B Uni-Directional RF Meter (I also use this meter daily)






RF Shielding Foil + Tape
RF Shielding Window Film
RF Shielding Aluminum Mesh
RF Shielding Material for Curtains
Smart Meter Cover
Fabrics&Textiles, Silver Mesh Fabric
Computer Shielding, Router Signal Tamer
Cell Phone Shielding + Landline, Extension Cord & Airtube
Remote switch to turn Wi-Fi devices off at night. I prefer this over a timer so you can turn it off and on more easily.


  • Several of the meters do cost less at and there is an additional 5% discount for my clients plus during certain promotions an additional discount if purchasing more than one meter. is a Canadian company so consider the return shipping fee if you are not sure about your purchase.
  • There are less expensive RF meters often recommended like the Cornet, but I have not tried using that model and make.
  • I personally do not use or recommend stickers, pendants, jewelry, or scrambling products. Nor do I recommended clothing that partially shields a body part like the head, chest, or belly.

2. Magnetic Field (MF) Products


Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B Single-Axis MF Meter AND AC EF Meter (dual meter)

Lessemf Alpha Labs Switchable 3-Axis Gaussmeter (helpful if net current or wiring errors)
Magnetic Shielding Foil (please ask me for more details if purchasing this)



Notes: Shielding MF is complicated. And net currents created by common wiring errors that produce MF are much more complex — they cannot really be shielded even with Giron.)

  • MF can often be emitted from power lines, power transformers, and smart meters. But net currents from wiring errors can be emitted from many different sources such as faulty wiring from a neighbor’s home carried in through copper pipes.
  • If doing any type of shielding, it is imperative to use a meter to make sure the shielding is helping and not hurting.
  • If there are wiring errors or net current issues in your home,  hiring an EMR electrician is advisable.
  • If the MF is something that cannot be fixed, that living environment is non-negotiable for me.

3. Electric Field (EF) Products


Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B Digital EF Meter from SLT (Same dual meter above. I use this meter daily and prefer it to the meter above if you can afford it.)

Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B Single-Axis MF Meter AND AC Electric Field Meter (Same dual meter above. Less expensive than ME3830B but not as sensitive and does not measure EMI)



Shielded Power Cords
Remote Cut Off Switch + 24 Amp Contactor
Mesh shielding for walls and under floors + grounding kits
Digital EF Meter (Very easy to use. I used this one daily before switching to dual meter. Mine was not calibrated to zero, but I would go back to using it if given a choice.)
Network Cable Ground Kit (
I use Shielded Network Cables with my computer. Electric fields run in the wire to the computer so I purchased the kit which includes a grounding cable and 4 small pieces of conductive tape. I also purchased 3 Gator To Gator Clips to connect 3 other ethernet cables to the conductive tape and grounding cable because we have 4 computers here. Note: only works with Cat 7 cables because they have metal on the ends where you place the conductive tape. ElectraHealth below also has an adaptor that works with shielded cat6 and cat5 ethernet cables but I personally find this to be more elegant. ConductiveFabricTape is also available 25ft which is much more than you would need.) This all sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple. I’ll try to make a video to post a video soon.
I also use this USB Grounding Cord to ground my Obihai VOIP device and router.  Can be used to ground a laptop if you use one.


Grounded Surge

Grounded and Shielded Surge protector –  it is bulky and I would prefer a different color, but it works to ground and shield electricity so I use this as it is the best I could find.
Shielded Extension Cord (comes in light almond color, wish it was white)
Shielded Power Cable Cord– for my desk top computer (comes in black color, again wish it was white)



  • I originally purchased and used a Body Voltage Meter. It is not as convenient or easy to use as the more expensive digital meters. I use my digital EF meter every day and would recommend investing more in this meter up-front instead of a body voltage meter.
  • I do not use or recommend any grounding products like sheets and mats after numerous trials and understanding the science unless one can ground to earth with a copper rod, and tested the earth to know it is not carrying voltage).
  • For re-wiring a home, I recommend hiring a state-licensed electrician specializing in EMR as most electricians are not aware or trained in this area — though most are adamant they know what they are doing.

There are also a lot of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices that claim to heal cells. As a general rule, if the device has to be plugged in and in contact with the body, I avoid it. There is no electronic device that I know of that can reverse EMF damage. I have tried “Scalar” technology and “RIFE” plasma devices and do not personally believe either should be used.

4. Dirty Electricity aka Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Products

EMI Meter Noise Line Meter. Also available at Lessemf: Noise Line Meter 

Notes: The line noise meter is the one meter I do not use daily in my particular home set up with metal clad electrical wiring. It may be more relevant for those who have dimmer switches, solar inverters on their home or neighbor’s homes on the same power grid, and Romex or Knob&Tube wiring.

I do not personally use or recommend EMI filters after trying one brand as they reduce EMI but create some MFs that created noticeable symptoms. (Excellent video on EMI filters). 

Notes: If you live in a home and measured high amounts of EMI using a meter and believe it’s from an external source such as neighbor’s solar panels, pool pumps, etc. then you might consider hiring a qualified electrician to put an outlet on the external side of the home distribution panel with a weather-proof case if needed so you can install a PxDNA Dirty Electricity Filter.  I have not done this but would consider it if living in a neighborhood home with a lot of solar panels and EMI.

5. Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding Canopies And Mats

One of the most frequently asked questions clients ask is: Do I need a sleep canopy? From personal experience, purchasing a RF shielding sleep canopy & mat was a great investment for healing and wellness. When I lived next to a cell tower, having a canopy and mat allowed me to sleep deeper, longer durations, and wake up refreshed. However, I do not believe this is the right solution for everyone and, if possible, should be a short to medium-term solution.

The best way to know if one needs a RF shielding canopy and mat is to measure the RF with a meter and identify both sources and levels of RF. As part of the Sleep Sanctuary Consultation, I show clients the RF measurements in the bedroom real-time, and if needed, together we will fill out a comparison chart tailored to help make the best RF shielding choice (e.g. fully Faraday canopy, curtains, ceiling cover, or window shielding) I also provide information on non-metal canopy frames and hanging options which are important for those who do not already have a four-poster bed or canopy frame made out of wood.

Since some RF shielding canopies and mats cannot be returned and others have restocking fees, there are quite a few factors to consider before making the investment. For example, you might try to save a few hundred dollars by not purchasing a RF shielding mat to use under the canopy. However, without the mat, RF can travel into the shielding canopy and bounce around the semi-enclosed “Faraday cage”. Other considerations are also important: i.e. would you feel claustrophobic, can you breath ok, how well does the canopy shield, and is the electricity unshielded and ungrounded.

The next most asked question is: What canopy do you recommend? Recently, my answer changed. The only pre-made canopy I personally use and recommend now is a Swiss Shield Naturell cotton canopy in a room with the electricity turned off at the breaker panel and no other voltage sources (e.g. ethernet cables in the wall, wiring above or below from neighbors, etc.)

Swiss Shield provides a certificate for their shielding material: “Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100”. And per the User Guidelines & Care Instructions: “each fabric contains a patented arrangement of wire mesh, interwoven tiny silver coated copper threats that are sealed to the touch and to the elements. All Swiss Shield fabrics can be washed without shielding loss unlike most other brands.” Coated metal fabric options where the metals can become airborne are toxic, especially for anyone with electro sensitivity. Even if the seller claims the metal is woven in, I would ask for testing documentation.

There are two companies that sell the pre-made Swiss Shield Naturell cotton canopy that I trust:

Swiss Shield Naturell

  1. Tent style canopy & non-grounding mat from . (Costs a little less and can be purchased with 5% off client code)
  2. Or Box style canopy& non-grounding mat from LessEMF

A Swiss Shield Daylite Canopy is another less expensive option. However, it is made with a sheer polyester knit fabric, and more importantly, it has less shielding effectiveness (99.6% or 24 dB @ 1 GHz). I encourage people to consider spending the ~$350 price difference for the Naturell cotton material if possible.

It is possible to purchase Swiss Shield Naturell material and sew a custom canopy if you know how to sew and are not electrosensitive to the EMF from the sewing machine. I have not seen any patterns for a  tent canopy or videos and do not recommend a hoop style canopy unless covering a smaller area like a crib or chair. The price difference for purchasing material vs. a finished queen size canopy (not including the mat which is basically material with simple side seams) when I did the math was around $150 saving, depending how much material is needed.

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