Below are some of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) products I personally use or recommend to clients, including Radio Frequency (RF), AC Magnetic Field (MF),  AC Electric Field (EF), and “Dirty Electricity” (EMI) meters.

I have spent hundreds of hours shielding all 4 types of EMR and share some of my personal notes below to help you wade through the numerous products. What makes my recommendations unique is that I have a strong sense of what feels better or worse, in addition to meter testing and input from others experienced with shielding.

If you would like to purchase a product listed on this page and have questions, I provide a complimentary 10 minute consultation. You are not obligated to purchase anything, but if you do purchase an EMF product, agreeing to go through my affiliate account or using my 5% discount promo code from SLT helps cover some of the cost of my time and makes it possible for me to answer your questions when you receive your products.

Quick Tip: If you are not on a budget or don’t have time to read or focus on all of the details below, here are the 4 meters I recommend purchasing with US prices at the time of this post (subject to change, tax, and shipping). Meters are important for anyone who is impaired by EMF so investing in the best meters up front is key:

  1. Radio Frequency  Safe and Sound Pro RF meter $310 at (Currently sold out. Consider Safe and Sound Classic $180)

  2. Magnetic Field Alpha Labs UHS2 3-Axis AC Gaussmeter $310 at

  3. Electric Field Digital EF Meter $299.05 at Lessemf

  4. EMI “dirty electricity” Noise Line Meter $130 at

1.Radio Frequency (RF) Products

At a high level, RF meters measure wireless devices: cell phones, routers, cell towers, “smart” devices, DECT phones and microwave ovens. came out with their own line of RF meters based on years of feedback and I am a fan of both!

Safe and Sound Pro

Safe and Sound Pro RF meter. Measures in microwatts per meter squared (μW/m²), has sound to identify the wireless source, and a usb charger which allows you to use the meter continuously like an alarm. For example, if your housemate come home and forget to turn off their cell phone the meter will detect the RF from the cell phone and let you know.


Kit with Case

*If you can afford it, consider purchasing a kit and upgrade it with the ME3851A which measure some EMI in addition to the MF and EF. I actually prefer in my home using a separate MF and EF meter (*see below) but do find the ME3851A meter handy when I travel.)



Safe and Sound Classic

Safe and Sound Classic. This meter is less expensive as it does not have a digital display just lights indicating green, yellow or red. But it does have sound to identify what type of RF sources are emitted and it is great if you need a small meter to carry around outside of the home. If you are not on a budget, I recommend buying both the pro and the classic).



Acoustimeter – I used this meter every day for 3 years until the two meters above came out . It’s larger in size but helpful for reading the numbers, seeing the lights, and hearing the sounds. The drawback is the peak measurements are in Volts / Meter and the more common measurement in the US is μW/m² . Also available at Lessemf.



Acousticom2– this meter is more affordable than the Acousitmeter above, however, it does not have a LCD display so you can only see the lights and hear the sounds. Because of its size, it is easier to carry around when outside of the home. Also available at Lessemf




HF38B Uni-Directional RF Meter. I use this meter daily in my home, especially if I am trying to figure out what direction the RF is coming from. But I would recommend it only if you want more than one RF meter or if you are trying to attract attention outside of your home.



RF Shielding Window Film
RF Shielding Material for Curtains

RF Shielding Foil + Tape (This product is very thick aluminum foil. It has amazing shielding characteristics, easy to use, and is not very expensive. It can even be used to shield smart meters. Please ask for more details before purchasing)
Smart Meter Cover
Fabrics&Textiles, Silver Mesh Fabric
Computer Shielding, Router Signal Tamer
Cell Phone Shielding + Landline, Extension Cord & Airtube
Remote switch to turn Wi-Fi devices off at night. I prefer this over a timer so you can turn it off and on more easily.


  • Several of the meters do cost less at and there is an additional 5% discount for my clients plus during certain promotions an additional discount if purchasing more than one meter. is a Canadian company so consider the return shipping fee if you are not sure about your purchase.
  • I personally do not use or recommend stickers, pendants, jewelry, PEMF devices, man-made Schuman resonance, RIFE, or scrambling products. Nor do I recommended clothing that partially shields a body part like the head, chest, or belly because I believe the metal attracts the EMR unless you have a faraday outfit. Even then, there can be too much contact with the skin and metal for my comfort. Some people feel temporary relief but there can be downsides.

2. Magnetic Field (MF) Products

At a high level, MF meters are important for measuring appliances (e.g. smart meters or a refrigerator behind the bed headboard) and wiring errors (e.g. three way light switches in a room). The goal is to unplug devices when not in use (e.g. air purifier, heater or toaster oven) or move devices away from where you spend the majority of your time sleeping or sitting.

One simple example is an alarm clock on a night table right next to the bed. These constantly emit MF radiation and can disrupt sleep. The good news is even if you don’t have a meter, it’s super easy to make a change. Either move the alarm clock to the other side of the room away from your bed. Or better yet, replace the alarm clock with a battery operated one. (Aside: If you use your “smart phone”, for an alarm clock, make sure you phone is on airplane mode with bluetooth and wi-fi turned off so you are not getting RF.)

3-Axis AC Gaussmeter

Alpha Labs UHS2 3-Axis AC Gaussmeter– This is one of my favorite meters to use daily and worth every cent! It is also available at Lessemf. (helpful if net current or wiring errors). I prefer it to the ME3830B because it is a 3-Axis meter instead of single-axis which makes it more accurate. And it is very easy to use.




Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B Single-Axis MF Meter AND AC EF Meter. This dual meter is a great starting point if you need to measure EF and MF. If you can afford it, upgrade to the ME3851A and you can also use the meter to measure some forms of EMI “Dirty Electricity” in the air.

A more complicated MF example is when your home has a net current. This is actually common in many homes when either an electrical wire is pinched or when the three way lights to a room were incorrectly wired by an electrician when the home was built. These common wiring errors can be detected with an MF meter but are too complicated to explain here. What I can say is:

  • If you suspect net current / wiring issues in your home because the MF meter shows unusual readings,  hiring an EMR electrician is advisable if not mandatory.
  • Net currents from wiring errors can be hard to trace. For example, if they are not from the three way lights in your kitchen, they can be  from a neighbor’s home carried in through copper pipes into your home.
  • High MF from net currents cannot really be shielded even with Giron so if the EMR electrician cannot find the source or fix it, moving out of that living environment is worth evaluating.

3. Electric Field (EF) Products

At a high level, EF meters are helpful for reading what is emitted off the wiring in the walls and outlets near the head of your bed or wires from your electronic devices at your desk or couch where you spend the majority of your time.

If you do not have an EF meter, start making a few easy changes: unplug any devices in the bedroom, especially lamps that do not have a grounding plug. And move your bed at least two feet away from the wall where the wiring behind the wall emits EF.


Digital EF Meter

Lessemf Digital EF MeterAfter comparing this meter with the ME3851A, I found myself reaching for it  more often because it is so easy to use. (Note: The EF meter I received was not calibrated to zero, which made me trust it less in the beginning. After I worked with Lessemf I just had to remember my zero was actually .3 v/M).



Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B Digital EF Meter from SLT This meter is often recommended for customers who are not impaired by EMF. It is a good consumer meter but if you can afford it, I recommend  either upgrading to the ME3851A or purchasing a separate meter for measuring EF and MF as mentioned above.

Network Cable Ground Kit (I use Shielded Network Ethernet Cables with my computer. Electric fields run in the wire to the computer so I purchased the kit which includes a grounding cable and 4 small pieces of conductive tape. I also purchased 3 Gator To Gator Clips to connect 3 other ethernet cables to the conductive tape and grounding cable because we have 4 computers here. Note: only works with Cat 7 cables because they have metal on the ends where you place the conductive tape. ElectraHealth below also has an adaptor that works with shielded cat6 and cat5 ethernet cables but I personally find this to be more elegant. ConductiveFabricTape is also available 25ft which is much more than you would need.) This all sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple. I’ll try to make a video to post a video soon.

I also use this USB Grounding Cord to ground my Obihai VOIP device and router.  Can be used to ground a laptop if you use one. And from Shielded Power Cords that replaced my mac power cord and monitor power cords.

For my landline telephone (over VOIP because I do not have copper wire telephone service):

Ultra Low EMF TelephoneHeadset ExtensionStereo Air Tube Headset


Grounded Surge

Grounded and Shielded Surge protector –  it is bulky and I would prefer a different color, but it works to ground and shield electricity so I use this as it is the best I could find.
Shielded Extension Cord (comes in light almond color, wish it was white)
Shielded Power Cable Cord– for my desk top computer (comes in black color, again wish it was white)


  • I originally purchased and used a Body Voltage Meter. It is not as convenient or easy to use as the more expensive digital meters. I use my digital EF meter every day and would recommend investing more in this meter up-front instead of a body voltage meter.
  • I do not use or recommend any grounding products like sheets and mats after numerous trials and understanding the science unless one can ground to earth with a copper rod, and tested the earth to know it is not carrying voltage).
  • For re-wiring a home, I recommend hiring a state-licensed electrician specializing in EMR as most electricians are not aware or trained in this area — though most are adamant they know what they are doing.

There are also a lot of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices that claim to heal cells. As a general rule, if the device has to be plugged in and in contact with the body, I avoid it. There is no electronic device that I know of that can reverse EMF damage. I have tried “Scalar” technology and “RIFE” plasma devices and do not personally believe either helped. But they did hurt when plugged in.

4. Dirty Electricity aka Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Products

EMI Meter Noise Line Meter. Also available at Lessemf: Noise Line Meter 

Notes: The line noise meter is the one meter I do not use daily in my particular home set up with metal clad electrical wiring. It may be more relevant for those who have dimmer switches, solar inverters on their home or neighbor’s homes on the same power grid, and Romex or Knob&Tube wiring.

I do not personally use or recommend EMI filters after trying one brand as they reduce EMI but create some MFs that created noticeable symptoms. (Excellent video on EMI filters). 

Notes: If you live in a home and measured high amounts of EMI using a meter and believe it’s from an external source such as neighbor’s solar panels, pool pumps, etc. then you might consider hiring a qualified electrician to put an outlet on the external side of the home distribution panel with a weather-proof case if needed so you can install a PxDNA Dirty Electricity Filter.  I have not done this but would consider it if living in a neighborhood home with a lot of solar panels and EMI.

Meter Comparison:

Cornet ED88Tplus

There are less expensive meters recommended like the Cornet ED88Tplus. It is portable and can measure RF, MF, and EF, however, “If you are comparing your measurements to the Institute for Building Biology Guidelines and wish to achieve levels in the no concern range” more sensitive meters are required:

1. Radio Frequency: IBB Guidelines – No Concern < 0.1 μW/m² | Slight Concern 0.1 – 10 μW/m²
  • Frequency range: 650 MHz to 10 GHz (will detect signals from 200 MHz to 12 GHz)
  • Measuring range: 0.5 µW/m² to >2,000,000μW/m²
Cornet ED88Tplus:
  • Frequency range: 100 MHz – 8 GHz (RF Frequency: 100MHz to 2.7GHz (-35dBm or higher required))
  • Measuring range: 0.5 µW/m² to 1.8 W/m²
2. AC Magnetic Fields (MF):  IBB Guidelines – No Concern < 0.2 milligauss mG | Slight Concern  0.2-1
  • Frequency range: 13 Hz to 75 kHz
  • Measuring range: 0.01 mG – 1999.99 mG
Cornet ED88Tplus (Con: Single axis – not as accurate)
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz – 10 kHz
  • Measuring range: Magnetic1: 50Hz to 10KHz = 1mG to 600mG; Magnetic2: 50Hz to 1KHz = 0.1 mG to 10mG
ME3851A (Con: Single Axis; Con: value displayed in nanoTesla: 100 nT = 1 mG)
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Measuring range: 0.001 – 2 mG
  • Pro: this meter can be used to detect Dirty Electricity: 2 KHz to 100 KHz
3. AC Electric Field (EF): IBB Guidelines – No Concern < 1 V/m | Slight Concern 1-5 V/m
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz, but can be used up to 100 kHz
  • Measuring range: V/m – 19,999 V/m
Cornet ED88Tplus:
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz – 50 kHz
  • Measuring range: 10 V/m to 100 V/m
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Measuring range: 0.1 V/m – 199.9 V/m

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